Oct 132011

“Hello World” is an apt title for my first blog post. Typically when you are learning a new programming language you start with a trivial application that outputs the message “Hello World” and since a person’s first blog post tends to be perfunctory it seems appropriate to leave the post with that title.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ken Rogoway. I have been programming professionally for almost 30 years. The majority of that time has been spent writing video games, but I have also developed software for industries such as: insurance, audio processing, project management, biomedical and video processing for golf training. Currently I am developing casino games for the Class II and Class III markets.

I have a game centric biography on Moby Games that can be found here. My LinkedIn profile can be found here. Currently I am the Principal Engineer and Studio Director at a small casino development company.

The purpose of this blog should be fairly self evident based on the domain name. However, for those of you that prefer a written explanation, I decided to create this blog to discuss anything that comes to mind; whether or not it is programming related. In general I will tend to keep to technical issues, but as often happens in blogs I may digress into more personal and mundane topics from time to time.

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